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Goddess Awakening The Power of the Female Cycle

Do you find your menstrual cycle a strain? Do you suffer with PMS? We have become detached from the natural spiritual gifts of our menstrual cycle and can unearth and relearn how to reach our full potential as modern day cyclic women.

Reducing stress during menstruation through the lens of goddess archetypes can be achieved with our 30 day online meditation and insight based course.

Getting to know our monthly cycles from a mystical and modern day perspective can be a transformative experience. We have strategies, meditations, guided visualisations, rituals and more in this comprehensive and heartfelt course.

Samantha Redgrave and Nicola Haslett from Aluna Moon are previous therapists and specialise in audios for women’s health. They have 3 million plays worldwide and feel passionate about women unleashing the untapped wisdom and power of their sacred feminine bodies.

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Heal PMS with Menstrual Cycle Awakening

What are your PMS symptoms telling you about your emotional and spiritual health? Most of us can relate to experiencing emotional outbursts for ‘no good reason’ during the pre-menstrual phase of our cycle. We might suddenly find ourselves crying as though in grief, screaming with rage or bottling up anxiety, especially if there are added conception pressures. It appears that these strong outbursts are purely caused by hormonal changes or sensitivity to fluctuating hormones and mean nothing more, but is this true? 

Metaphysical healing offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing based on the philosophy that the mind and body are intricately connected. It is now understood that repressed psychological trauma and negative mental programming can manifest in the physical body as disease. Difficulties or trauma in early childhood causes changes in the hypnothalmic-pituary-adrenal axis, which is our stress responsive system. The stress we experience becomes internalised leading to an increase in cortisol levels. An excess of cortisol can prevent stress levels returning to normal and cause negative repercussions for the body, including the hormonal system. Stress from early years doesn’t need to be sinister or terrible, sometimes an accumulation of anxiety is enough to alter the way we think and react in later years.

Inner child healing helps us to connect with our younger self, in order to resolve past childhood pain, which holds us back. Even though we matured into adulthood, the child we once were still exists deep within. It is an unconscious part of us that is unfortunately sometimes wounded and in need of love, care and healing. 

With each cycle, we are given the opportunity to heal these wounds. This is a highly intuitive time of our cycle and therefore the perfect time to dig deep and feel your way through the discomfort. When intense and uncomfortable feelings arise, ask yourself what is really behind them? What are you really angry about? Where is the sadness really coming from? Following the rabbit down the hole with gentle investigative questions can create awareness and even create a spiritual practice around the different phases of the menstrual cycle. We call the PMS phase during the luteal section of our cycle the Sorceress, as she bursts through with her wild, untamed manner. In the dark she can be overly critical but if brought into the light she possesses an authority and deep intuition that can be wonderful to experience.

If you would like to know more about the four phases of the menstrual cycle and how to heal aspects of your life through the lens of menstrual cycle awakening visit us @alunamoontime on Instagram, our website on Insight Timer or if you would like one to one support with Samantha or Nicola visit


Sam x


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