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Live Whole Aroma – Essential Oils for Fertility 

Live whole aroma essential oils to help increase fertility for both men and women

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1. Geranium Oil: The soothing and calming effect of geranium oil helps one in de-stressing and in regulating hormones in the body.

2. Fennel Oil: The use of fennel oil has immense benefits if you are planning to conceive. The use of this oil is not only effective in keeping the proper balance of hormones in the body, but it is also helpful in regulating the menstrual cycle of a woman.

3. Lavender Oil: For ages, the use of lavender oil has been proved to have calming and soothing effects on the health of a woman. Lavender oil regulates the menstrual cycle and also keeps the endocrine system in place.

4. Rose Oil: Rose oil has many therapeutic properties. It is known for improving the cervical mucus, regulating periods and in improving the sexual drive in women.



1. Sandalwood Oil: The use of sandalwood oil may help in dealing with sexual dysfunction in men. This oil also helps in igniting the sexual desires of a man. In case a man is battling with low testosterone levels, the use of sandalwood oil may prove to be helpful.

2. Rose Oil: Rose oil works wonders in treating sexual dysfunction and performance anxiety. It also helps in enhancing the male libido and in improving the sperm count.

3. Frankincense Oil: In a study conducted in 2007 on rats, it was established that the use of frankincense oil not only increased the sperm density but motility too. However, there is no substantial evidence on humans available, but it is believed that it helps in increasing the sperm count. You can take doterra Frankincense internally, if he doesn’t like the taste use veg caps.

4. Marjoram and Sage: In a study conducted in 2015 on rats, it was observed that the use of marjoram and sage effectively improved the male fertility. It not only helped in increasing the sperm count but also improved the testicular structure of the rats. Another reason for infertility in men is obesity and the use of these oils help in battling the effects of obesity on the male fertility.


How to use essential oils for fertility?

INHALE: Inhalation is a great way of deriving maximum benefits of the essential oils. You may put few drops on a tissue, smell from the bottle, put in the diffuser or simply put a few drops on your hands and keep sniffing. The calming and uplifting effects of various essential oils work wonders for improving fertility.

MASSAGE: Most recommended routine and ritual to do with the oils, not only will it de-stress the mind, calm the central nervous system. The oils will get absorbed through the skin and get absorbed.

WARM BATHS: Put a few drops of any essential oil in your bath water and soak for 15-20 mins to absorb, inhale and relax with the oils.

STEAM INHALATION: Add the oil into a bowl of hot water, put a towel over your head and inhale the steam.

FERTILITY REFLEXOLOGY: Reflexology involves pressing certain points on the hands or feet; you can use essential oils to massage fertility points.


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