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Living Lēla – Your Fertility Toolkit™

Living Lēla has created a compilation of their most powerful and proven mind-body practices to optimize fertility in the Soulful Conceptions™ Your Fertility Toolkit™ mini-course. Curated exclusively for the IVF Babble Community (and FREE!), their goal is to help you move through your fertility journey with a sense of ease and empowerment, and to shift the focus from baby-making to Mama-making!

Your Fertility Toolkit™ includes:

✓ Yoga asana (poses)
✓ Pranayama (breathing techniques)
✓ Meditations and mindfulness practices
✓ Emotional well-being (psychology)
✓ Education on environmental impacts on fertility
✓ Gems of wisdom

All tools and practices shared are safe, even if you are doing assisted reproductive techniques (ART). No prior yoga experience required!

Drawing from both Eastern and Western psychology and yoga/wellness teachings, Wendy and Deborah have been supporting women (and their partners) for collectively over 25 years, and both have experienced their own fertility challenges. They created a comprehensive program so individuals all over the world can now access these powerful tools (via any computer or mobile device) from the comfort of home (or while sitting in the doctor’s office).

To learn more and access this free mini-course:

Love this and want more? Living Lēla now has a robust online library of content through their Soulful Conceptions™ Membership Site + Community Hub ( They are offering a 90 day free trial now through the end of 2020.




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Co-founded by Dr. Deborah Anderson and Wendy Obstler, Living Lēla is a company dedicated to educating individuals about mind-body wellness throughout their lifespan, including empowering those on their journey towards conception, while normalizing the conversation around fertility challenges.

Deborah E. Anderson PHD, RYT is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in Health & Neuropsychology and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She has been studying and teaching mind-body wellness for decades and teaching fertility yoga for 12 years. She brings a unique perspective to her teachings through her knowledge and expertise in both Western and Eastern medicine/philosophy and is able to share and integrate what she has learned in her roles as both psychologist and yoga teacher. While Deborah was never able to conceive on her own, she was blessed to be able to “mother” her step daughter and three beautiful grandchildren, finding the “perfection” in her story.

Wendy Obstler, C-IAYT/RYT500 is a Certified Yoga Therapist specializing in yoga for fertility, prenatal & postnatal for 15 years. Being a yoga therapist, she has a keen eye for postural alignment to assist with musculoskeletal issues and pain related to pregnancy, postpartum or a pre-existing condition/injury that may flare up during this time of change in the body. Having experienced her own fertility and pregnancy challenges, Wendy shares an empathetic and visceral knowing in her approach to teaching mind-body wellness practices.

Both Deborah and Wendy have worked with hundreds of women (and couples) experiencing the ups and downs of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. They teach a fully comprehensive methodology of mind-body practices that naturally optimize fertility, boost the immune system and improve overall health and wellness. Their tools and programs are safe for those undergoing ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies; e.g., IUI and IVF, etc.) and those considered “high risk” pregnancies. They also have specialized tool-kits for the “dreaded two week wait (2ww)” and anyone navigating the postpartum period.

Whether you are just starting on your fertility journey or you have had long-standing challenges getting or staying pregnant, the tools and concepts they teach can help to optimize your fertility by helping to reduce stress, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and assist you in being more tuned-in to your body and emotions. Research has found that participating in mind-body programs increase successful pregnancy rates and in some cases, eliminates the need for ART. However, these ladies also acknowledge that the need for a mind-body toolkit doesn’t end when you get pregnant. In fact, there is often much fear present during the first trimester (especially if you’ve had a prior loss) and also many intense emotions (including guilt) if you’re feeling overwhelmed after baby arrives.

Living Lēla is home to Soulful Conceptions™ which includes over 25 hours of Soulful Concepts of Wellbeing through video, audio and written materials, in the following topic areas:

✓ yoga asana (poses)
✓ meditation and mindfulness practices
✓ pranayama (breath work)
✓ emotional well-being/psychology
✓ self-acupressure using the Fertility Ball Method®
✓ Ayurveda + Functional Nutrition
✓ plus other gems of wisdom!

This robust online library may be accessed anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile device (





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