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Prep Perfect

We’re Prep Perfect – a meal prep delivery company that provides delicious, nutritious meals that  are both healthy and convenient. Think ready meals that are actually tasty – and actually good  for you!

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At Prep Perfect, we really believe that healthy eating should be available to everyone: whether  you’re going through some tough, stressful times and don’t have the time or energy to put  together a nutritious, hearty meal – or you’re just trying to juggle work, family and life in general!

Each meal we create is designed to be as well-balanced and nutritious as possible, using locally  sourced ingredients and prepared by expert chefs who know healthy food should look and taste  fantastic.

We have a wide range of meal plans, including weight loss, maintenance, keto and vegetarian,  so no matter what your goals and food preferences are – we’ve got you covered. You just choose  the meals you fancy and then we deliver them to your door.

But we don’t just provides healthy meals and food plans. Our blog section is packed with  general health advice and tips that are catered to both men and women. We cover everything  from food and fitness, to health, wellness and lifestyle! We know that external stressors and our  mental health can dictate what we eat a lot of the time and it’s all too easy to slip into unhealthy  habits.

That’s why our aim is to really inspire people to make positive changes so that they can live  happier and healthier lives. And we know food is just a part of that. For some it’s a bigger  obstacle to overcome than others but we’re big believers that even the smallest changes can  have the biggest impacts.

Jodie, one of the founders of Prep Perfect, has had her own struggles with food and diets so the  foundations of the whole company is rooted in a deep level of understanding and awareness of  the different challenges people face:

“As a young twenty-something I was desperate to lose the weight. But I definitely did not go  about it the right way. Crash diets that didn’t work were supplemented by lethal slimming pills. I  wanted to look good but I didn’t care about being healthy. It took being hospitalised for 10 days  with a severe kidney infection and anaemia to wake me up and make me realise my whole life  was out of balance.”

So many people have had similar stories and it was because of this that we created the 8 Prep  beliefs:

1. Love your body

2. No guilt, restrictions or fad diets

3. Don’t be a slave to the scales

4. Eating well is a form of self respect

5. You deserve that weekend treat

6. Nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring

7. Food shouldn’t consume your life

8. Hydration is good for the soul

By adopting these beliefs you know you’re at least starting out on the right track!

We all know that eating well increases your energy levels and boosts your immune system but  with busy lives, not everyone can dedicate the time to preparing healthy meals for the week.  Your time is precious and you no doubt have countless other more important things to do,  which is why we do all the prep for you!

If you’re looking to make some healthy changes in your life, or you’re in need of some  time-saving food hacks then we’d love it if you became part of the Prep family.


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