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Protein World

Optimal nutrition plays a significant role in our overall health including our fertility. It is well known that infertility rates are on the rise and we at Protein World want to help both women and men improve their chances of conceiving. Our products can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and avoid nutrient deficiencies, both of which are extremely favourable when trying to improve your fertility rate.

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Our shakes, porridges and pancakes contain our Vitamin and Mineral Blend which consists of 26 vitamins and minerals that not only support general health and wellbeing but can also help to improve fertility. It can be difficult to get enough micronutrients such as Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) from the diet so with 68ug per serving we’ve got your back! Each serving also provides 34% of your daily zinc and selenium intake that have been shown to increase sperm count in men. Our Vitamin and Mineral Blend contains an array of micronutrients that are associated with improved fertility as well as increased response to fertility treatments.

There is a strong association between dietary intake and fertility. Protein World products help to create a calorie deficit to support weight loss which in turn can improve your chances of falling pregnant. As weight is a modifiable factor, it’s a great place to start!


Slender Blend

The Slender Blend is a delicious and simple meal replacement shake or low-calorie snack designed to help you on your weight loss journey. These shakes can also be used post workout due to their high protein content that helps to support and maintain the development of lean muscle mass. As well as containing the aforementioned Vitamin and Mineral Blend our shakes are low in sugar and contain pre and probiotics to aid digestive health. The Thermogenic Blend present in the shake combines green tea & guarana extract for a metabolism boosting effect. Available in an array of flavours, it’s the perfect nutritious alternative to an unhealthy meal.


Slender Porridge

The Slender Porridge was created with simplicity in mind. This gluten-free, low-sugar, high protein breakfast alternative is packed with fibre helping to keep you feeling fuller for longer.  The Slender Porridge much like the Slender Blend also includes our Thermogenic Blend as well as our Vitamin and Mineral Blend helping you reach optimal nutrition throughout your diet.

We pride ourselves on helping people reach their goals and supporting them throughout their journey. Using Protein World products in conjunction with a healthy, well-balanced diet containing lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and an abundance of vegetables and fruits, you are putting yourself in a great position to enhance your ability to improve your fertility.


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