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Boxer Briefs – The World’s Most Protective Underwear

Our SYB Boxer Briefs are an incredibly comfortable way to block up to 99% EMF / EMR radiation from cell phones, laptops, wifi routers, bluetooth and other wireless devices from your body and reproductive organs.

Shield Your Body from harmful electromagnetic radiation with our SYB Boxer Briefs. Our radiation blocking SYB Boxer Briefs is a product of science, not superstition. By weaving a mesh of silver microfibres through our cotton underwear, we create an effective Faraday Cage which prevents up to 99% of all wireless EMF radiation from passing through.

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The same EMF-repelling silver fibers that line our boxers ​also ​ make them odor-killing to prevent bad smells or dirtiness, and anti-bacterial to improve hygiene and health.
The reality is that wearing a pair of our SYB boxers offers you the same level of comfort and support as any high-quality underwear, but only ours have the built-in technology to protect you and your fertility from harmful radiation.

The entire brief is made from our shielding material, so you have complete 360° coverage.
This means your reproductive organs are protected, at all times, from all sources of EMF, like the cell phone in your pocket, your office wifi, or that laptop in your lap.

● Blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation from cell phones, laptops, wifi routers and other  wireless devices from your body and reproductive organs.

● Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-odor.

● Made from 42% silver, with 53% cotton and 5% nylon.

● The entire brief is made from EMF shielding fabric, providing you with complete 360°  protection, unlike inferior alternatives.

● Made in Canada, with high quality North American workmanship.

● Machine washable.

● FREE SHIPPING​ in the US, Canada, UK, EU and Australia – with no import duties.

● LIFETIME WARRANTY on every order– the strongest warranty in the industry.

● 30 DAY RETURNS no questions asked.


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