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The Enhanced Fertility Programme

The Enhanced Fertility ProgrammeTM has been developed to help you get pregnant faster by improving your health. You will get 1 whole year of support during your journey: access to the online programme + 3 coaching sessions.

The programme has been prepared using evidence-based research. It’s online so you can start it and access it whenever you want and in the comfort of your own home. For 1 whole year, you will have access to presentations, recordings, articles and webinars with specialists. You also have access to 3 sessions with a fertility nurse and coach to create your unique plan, get advice, motivation or direction. Access the information and support you need, when you need it:

  1. Understanding Fertility and Conception,
  2. Nutrition, Hydration and Supplements,
  3. Physical Activity,
  4. Habits and Environment,
  5. Managing Emotions.

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Fertility Consultation  

This free consultation with Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc allows you to discuss aspects of your fertility journey you may want some guidance or clarity on, including:

  1. Understanding your options and creating a fertility plan
  2. Managing stress, anxiety or other emotions
  3. Making challenging decisions
  4. Relationships and communication strategies
  5. Coping with challenging situations
  6. Improving your health through lifestyle, nutrition, activity, environmental factors

This is a personalised partnership tailored to your specific reproductive goals, combining my medical clinical expertise, counselling, coaching, logotherapy and neurolinguistic programming in a holistic approach that helps you move forward.

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5 Steps to Improve Your Health For Fertility

 By Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc, Fertility Nurse and Coach

Andreia Trigo RN, BSc MSc is the founder of inFertile Life, multi-awarded nurse consultant, author and TEDx speaker.  Combining her fourteen-year medical experience as a nurse, counselling, CBT, NLP and her own eighteen-year infertility journey, she has developed unique strategies to help people undergoing similar challenges achieve their reproductive goals. In this article she talks about 5 simple steps to help you improve your health for fertility.

Infertility is increasing, affecting more than 48.5 million people worldwide. The World Health Organization considers infertility a global health issue with significant burden to populations.  Despite advances in reproductive health, infertility affects 1 in 6 people in advanced economies and 1 in 4 in developing countries. Research points to lifestyle factors, nutrition and environment as the biggest contributors to worsening infertility.

Apart from the physical aspects of infertility, research also shows that most couples suffer severe anxiety and depression and nearly 50% experience suicidal feelings. At a recent study by inFertile Life we also found 70% of patients didn’t feel supported despite receiving treatment in the NHS or privately; 80% of people felt stressed and 90% worried about an uncertain reproductive future.

At inFertile Life we have been working with patients and clinics towards a new model of care that involves key factors that can improve your health and increase your chances of pregnancy. Here are the 5 aspects:

Understanding Fertility, Natural and Assisted Conception: having an understanding of how your body works, paying attention to changes you may notice, and learning about natural and assisted conception will help you make informed choices about your fertility and help you stick with the treatment of your choice.

Nutrition, Hydration and Supplements: getting the right nutrients into your body is essential so your body has the energy to do its several bodily functions. This includes producing hormones, developing eggs and sperm, preparing the uterus for implantation, leading a pregnancy to term, and delivering a healthy baby.

Physical Activity and Exercise: our bodies require a degree of activity to remain healthy. Moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day is usually recommended. If you are trying to conceive, research shows high frequency/intensity training is counterproductive as it can affect ovulation.

Habits, Addictions and Environment: Certain habits and addictions, like too much caffeine, smoking or drinking can reduce egg and sperm quality. Our environment, like plastics and radiation can also affect fertility.

Managing Emotions: Emotional distress is the first reason for patients to stop fertility treatment. Getting professional support during treatment can help you develop coping strategies, help you make challenging decision, improve communication with partners among other aspects.

A new model of care that encompasses these aspects alongside fertility treatment is likely to:

help you cope with challenge,

increase the changes of a positive outcome

and set you up for a healthier lifestyle that you can maintain to live longer and better.

The Enhanced Fertility Programme is an evidence-based solution that encompasses all these 5 aspects mentioned above to improve your health for fertility. It includes 1 year access to the online resources and 3 one-to-one consultations. This programme has been helping people worldwide and has been awarded Best Innovation in Business 2018 and E-Business of 2018.

As a member of Babble Prime you have access to a free consultation with Andreia Trigo plus 10% discount off the Enhanced Fertility Programme.





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