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Trak®Male Fertility Testing System

Trak® Male Fertility Testing System
Low sperm counts are a leading cause of infertility and can delay your ability to get pregnant. Luckily your sperm count isn’t set in stone. Find out where you stand and start optimizing your count today with Trak, the award-winning at-home Male Fertility Testing System that delivers much more than just results.

Trak is the only at home sperm test designed to help men to test, track and improve sperm count and volume over time. Trak’s precision engineered CentriFluidicTM technology is as accurate as a lab and FDA cleared to measure sperm count as Low, Moderate or Optimal for conception. Trak’s Volume Cups are the only FDA cleared way to diagnose hypospermia (low semen volume) at home.

Trak Systems include the Trak Engine, Sperm Count Tests, Semen Volume Cups, and a 27 Page Man’s Guide to Reproductive Health. Trak is available in 2-Test, 4-Test, and 6-Test Kits, and 2-Test Refill Packs are also available to continue testing.
Welcome to Trak – the best first step for men who want to become dads.


Easy-to-use. Comprehensive kit includes everything you need to test sperm count and semen volume in the privacy and comfort of home
Designed for conception. More than a yes or no, Trak is the only at-home test to measure sperm count as Low, Moderate or Optimal for conception.
Accurate. Trak’s precision engineered CentriFluidicTM technology is FDA cleared to be as “accurate as a lab test”
Private. Discreet, unmarked packaging delivered to your door – no prescription, no mailing, no waiting for appointments, no hassle
See changes. Use your Multi-Test System to track progress over time. Need more tests? Refill packs are available too.
More than a test. Trak’s Mobile App records and tracks improvement or decline in sperm parameters over time, assesses fertility risks using a proprietary algorithm, and generates personalized recommendations to improve sperm count and male fertility.

HSA / FSA eligible
Award winning product design, developed in partnership with leading urologists
Made in the USA



Healthy Men, Healthy Babies.

Why Guys Trying to Become Dads Should Get on Trak®

Men are often overlooked in the fertility process. Women tend to be much more proactive when it comes to planning for babies, monitoring ovulation, taking nutritional supplements, talking to their doctor, etc. But that’s ok, right? The problem’s probably not with him anyway, and there’s not much he can do about it either, so why bother… right?


Male partners contribute to nearly half of all cases of infertility. And recent studies have shown that men’s average sperm count has plummeted by over 50% since the 1970’s, and that trend is showing no signs of leveling off.

It’s hard to blame guys for sitting on the fertility sidelines: sperm testing is awkward, kind of embarrassing, and nearly everything in the fertility world focuses on women.

Until now.

Trak® Fertility is getting men off the sidelines and into the fertility game early by allowing them test and improve their sperm count and semen volume entirely at home. The Trak Male Fertility Testing System is a 100% at-home kit – no trip to the clinic, no mailing in the sample, and no waiting for results.

Trak is powered by CentriFluidic Technology – a portable centrifugation-based testing technique originally developed in the National Labs for biodefense needs. The kit includes a small battery-powered centrifuge (the Trak Engine), precision-engineered sperm count cartridges (Trak Props), and specially designed sample collection cups that provide a measurement of semen volume (Trak Volume Cups). Testing is easy and only takes about 30 minutes start to finish.

Trak makes it easy to test your sperm count and semen volume, but more importantly men can use Trak to see changes in their fertility over time. Trak comes with a free mobile app and a 27-page Man’s Guide to Reproductive Health to help men identify their personal fertility risk factors and get recommendations for how they can improve their sperm production. When it comes to sperm, more is better and just 90 days of “sperm-friendly” living can make a big difference on your monthly chances of conception. For a quick overview of things men can (and should) be doing when you’re trying to conceive, check out Trak’s 6 Step Guide to Increasing Sperm Count.

And Trak’s not just for guys early in the fertility process. Having healthier sperm can improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes no matter where you are in your journey, including fertility treatments like IUI and IVF. If treatment cycles are on your horizon, Trak can help men maximize their sperm health ahead of time. Guys pursuing fertility treatment should check out Trak’s Man’s Guide to Fertility Treatment.

Trak offers a variety of testing options including 2-test, 4-test, and 6-test kits. And refill packs are available for additional testing and tracking depending on your needs.

Fertility is not a “his or hers” problem – it’s a “his AND hers” pursuit. Take the best first step on your journey to parenthood today with Trak®.

Trak® Fertility


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